The Future Of Interactive Friction

This is very off-the-cuff, so it’s definitely not going to be a very professional sounding post.

Today marks the first time anything has been uploaded to the Interactive Friction channel since the end of the Kingdom Hearts Primer on March 2nd, and I wanted to express some thoughts about the future of the channel as related to myself.

As anyone who read my previous article on The KH Primer, read my Twitter at the time, or just watched a few episodes would know, it nearly broke me several times over. And while the break made me feel much better, I discussed many things with Brandon during that time.

Apart from the obvious note of not doing super big projects like that anymore in that fashion, we opted to try and stream our runthroughs in place of recording so that I can simply upload the archive with some minor tweaks and move on. So far, we’ve gotten consistent viewers who seem to enjoy the work, and that’s awesome! Also, I don’t have to do most of the setup, which is more awesome! But it begs the question…

Will Interactive Friction ever return to the recorded LPs of games we’ve previously played?

Honestly, I don’t know, though I can say it’s a lot because of multiple problems I have.

Without going into particular detail (for now anyway), the big ones are-

  • My schedule as a film student who also gets actual work sometimes makes my schedule extremely tiring for even a normal person.
    • As a bonus, I’m pretty sure I’m starting to suffer from sleep apnea like my father and brother, which simply means I can sleep almost half a day and still wake up tired.
  • “My mood”, which I often cite as a reason to not record something or work on editing for several hours. Whether I actually suffer from depression in a strict medial sense or it’s just stress I don’t know, but I’ve certainly had more days than I can count where I wake up and decide not to do anything.

So, while I’d like to say that Brandon and I will one day get back to the old style of recorded LPs for those who like them, the ability to talk to chat, having guests + a standard stream day, and less post work makes the streaming route much more appealing for the time being.

For those who are a turned off by livestreaming (I understand), we’re also talking about doing what basically amounts to a podcast for some games/franchises, not too dissimilar to the Cane and Rinse podcast.

I never have and never will guarantee that Interactive Friction will survive forever, but I can always assure y’all that as long as it does run, I’ll make it as enjoyable as I possibly can.

Should you be interested, you can check out-

  • My Twitter (I don’t tweet much these days, but it’s there still for now.)
  • My Twitch (Regular stream schedule soonish. I play League a bit and a lot of single player stuff.)
  • My YouTube Channel

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