2018 And Onward | What’s To Come?

Way back in the day, years and years ago, I used to visit these tiny little blogs, always run by one person, that wrote small essays about anime episodes, video games, movies, or whatever else. While the works themselves weren’t all that great, what really enraptured me was the feeling of intimacy I had with someone I’ve never met. These people often loved to use casual language and share personal anecdotes to add to their points, and it created this cozy, “homey” feel to their sites that I loved.

These days, the smaller YouTube channels I subscribe to have replaced these blogs, though with less of that magical feeling the former provided. Though, there are definitely moments that can stand out.

The reason I bring this up is because, for some years, being a place like these has been a small dream of mine, albeit one that has been pushed to the back of my mind, kept at bay by the myriad of other jobs I’ve done in the past.

From 2012 through 2017, I stumbled my way through this dream, putting up the occasional video and rare blog post. At the beginning of this year though, I looked back and noticed that, Interactive Friction aside, I didn’t put up a single article or video, and that honestly really bummed me out. I felt like I let that thought in the back of my head wither and die because I didn’t nurture it like I had always intended.

Well, at the beginning of 2018, I made myself a promise to dedicate myself to bring back that dream, at least for a year. I set up plans and goals, and told myself that this year I won’t simply think “yeah, that’s a neat idea for an article or video” and then never touch it again.

In the month of January alone, I went ahead and put out:

For the rest of the year my plans are to continue what I started with already, and finish what’s not done. Articles that have been half done or just have topics written down will be written or cleared out of my notes. I’ll upload a lot more video game YouTube stuff, but also I’m gonna continue the vlogging thing, mostly telling stories about myself, while also providing the occasional food for thought. Unfinished projects (like the Yakuza Retrospective and The Kingdom Hearts Primer) will be worked on this year and finished respectively. If I can manage it, I’m also gonna try streaming a bit more.

Through all of this work, I want to be able to harbor that kind of feeling I used to get reading those blogs years ago. I want to be able to provide that sense of intimacy and comfort to people who don’t know me the same way it was given to me all those years ago.

Places to check me out and chat with me:

Twitter: Mostly shitposting and taking pics of my work on sets.

Twitch: No stream schedule yet, but just super casually playing games and chatting with people.

YouTube: Gameplay highlights and irl VLOGS go here.

Interactive Friction: My work with Brandon Carey doing Critical Let’s Plays, discussing game design.

Blog: The home base, with written essays on all kinds of media, and new kinds of things to come in the future.

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Sam Callahan

Filmmaker by day, writer by night.

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