An Update To Monetization, and How To Donate

For the past few years I’ve run this blog, two (now three) YouTube channels, and various other little projects and such. In that time I had YouTube monetization system turned on, hoping to make a little extra money to get more games, and now better film equipment. To put it simply, it’s done nothing for me monetarily.

I still love making content, and I’ll still do it until the day it would actually cost me a serious amount of money to do so, but over the past few weeks I came to the realization that if I wanted to make anything off of these projects I would have to go one of two ways.

One would be I start forgoing my well being to stay up late into the night with school the next morning, working on editing up the standard I’ve set up for myself. I would also have to start marketing myself as a brand, with more attention-grabbing thumbnails and titles, and shorter videos. Worst case I would have to bend to playing trendy new games.

While I’m not condemning this kind of work, as most viewers and creators like it just fine, it’s never suited me. My style may be niche, and my uploads erratic, but those who like my content seem to enjoy it quite a lot.

So option two was as such. Set up a donation system for people to send money my way if they like my work.

I initially considered a Patreon account for this, but it ultimately wouldn’t work for what I do. My content updates can range anywhere from once a day to a whole month without anything for a variety of reasons, so I wouldn’t feel right (or likely get much support) with a mandatory monthly contribution system. There is also a payment-per-work option, but it’s too broad for me.

So what I went with in the end is a simple PayPal link. Most everyone I know has a PayPal account, and you can donate any amount of money, without a subscription, whenever you want. If you liked the newest Interactive Friction season, or a particular essay of mine, you can send a few dollars for just that. Any amount will help, as I’ll use it for recording equipment, new games, and sometimes coffee to keep me going.

To reiterate: I’ll make content regardless, but I don’t think I’ll make any more per month based on donations. I’m still a student first. I also have no plans to make exclusive content based on donations, but if you have suggestions with one I’ll be happy to read and consider them.

TLDR: I’m setting up a PayPal link so you can help me continue making content if you wish. It’s a single transaction, not a subscription, and I’ll always make stuff regardless.

Thanks to everyone for their support thus far, and even if you continue to just read/watch my work, you’re awesome for doing so.


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