Let’s Play Dying Light: Locked Doors And Video Stores

I’ve probably put roughly 15 hours into this video all told. That may seem impossible for just an edited video with few overlays or cutaway gags but it’s mostly in taking the hour and a half or so of footage and paring it down to the video you see here. There’s a constant rhythm of watching a scene, making a cut, re-watching the scene with the cut, and then keeping it, changing where it cuts, or reverting back.

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy making this video; quite the contrary. Even now I’ll continue to keep making this videos a lot tighter with better production work (and much better audio), but this was the one that hit my current limit. Between my day job, the blog, the podcast, and other work something is going to have to give for these to get exponentially better without taking months to do.

Published by

Sam Callahan

Filmmaker by day, writer by night.

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