Hyper Play: Spintires [Part 1]

Forgot to post this one back when it first came out, so here it is now.

Like with my articles I try to put just a little bit more effort into each new video I edit and this one is probably a new milestone. Originally this was about a hour’s worth of footage and over a few days I managed to condense it down to roughly 12 minutes. The title card near the beginning was also the first time I tried to mess with layers to make the text blend in with the background and it’s the first time I grabbed a scene from a different part of the game to try to create a flow to the humor. Set up the first 30 seconds with a fast joke, drop the title, and get back into it.

I think this video was also the first time I discovered that I really like video editing and I hope to do a lot more in the future.

Published by

Sam Callahan

Filmmaker by day, writer by night.

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