The Texture Pop Episode 27: My F***ing Panty Party [Annotations]

I’m writing this to give some thoughts on a few things the guys brought up during the latest podcast because I wasn’t able to make it myself. Long story short I worked two shifts on little sleep and drove to Atlanta and back all in the same day; I wouldn’t recommend it. Anyway I’ll be back next week but for now enjoy this little written companion to the cast itself.

And thanks so much to Brandon and Garrett for being present as always and special thanks for Chris for hosting, editing, and uploading it this time.


I saw the Persona 5 trailer as soon as it came out and to say I got extremely excited would be an understatement. Not only because it’s a new Persona game and I’m a huge fan of the series but because it didn’t look like a direct rehash of P4. I’ve mentioned before on the podcast and Twitter that while I’m happy that Persona 4 created a whole new slew of fans who will continue to support the series I worried that its popularity would make ATLUS feel like they shouldn’t take a risk with a whole new idea. Especially since we already have Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax, Persona Q (Technically P3 and P4), Persona 4 Dancing All Night, and two different anime seasons. Luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case as P5 looks nothing like P3 or P4. I’ll have to take Brandon’s word that the idea seems more in line with the older games as I haven’t gotten to them yet but I’m all for it. Good on ATLUS for just moving on with the series and I hope that the supposed new platforming and stealth mechanics work out well. If anything though the new dynamic camera angles will likely make the story bits and setting a little more interesting visually.

On the great frame rate debate let me be clear here: Before building my own computer I really didn’t care or notice the different between 30 and 60 frames per second. Once I did however I found it hard not to notice it, but the thing is I’m not all too bothered by it. So when I go on one of my tirades about how developers should always go for 60 frames per second it’s not because I won’t play the game otherwise or I think it’s terrible without it, but if it all possible it’s nice. Just to give an example I recently picked up Need For Speed Rivals on sale on Origin and it’s a racing game that’s locked to 30FPS. I notice it almost constantly but I’ll still play the game regardless. I know a lot of people say shooters being at 60FPS isn’t the biggest deal but I think that’s because it comes down to fidelity or responsiveness. Fidelity is easier to notice at a glance and is much more marketable, while responsiveness is something you have to feel. At any rate I won’t lose sleep over Uncharted only running at 30FPS. It’ll likely still be a great game with a well told story and decent shooting mechanics, but I’ll always call for better responsiveness. No game suffered from more frames.

In regards to the monitor/TV discussion I think my friends and many others saying “it’s difficult to notice the difference in frame rate” thing is very dependent on your setup. Mine has my TV only slightly further away from my chair than my monitors. Also I’m not entirely sure of this but I would imagine that the built-in “frame smoothing” feature most TVs have these days helps to make it look a good bit better than it would otherwise. Again though I don’t know for sure because I haven’t messed with it much.

I don’t think I’m going to surprise anyone when I say that I think the Nintendo Creator’s Program is a terrible idea. I agree with everything the guys said here so the only thing I’d add is if you’re wanting to do Nintendo videos on YouTube and are thinking about joining this then I’d personally suggest you stay far away from it. I don’t want any other publishers getting the idea that this might be a good system. YouTubers work hard for very little as it is so don’t burden yourself even more just because you want to show a few matches of Smash 4.

Related: Thank you Devolver Digital.

Garrett’s game idea sounds pretty interesting to me, and part of that is because I’m a huge fan of the Steampunk style. It seems to be just an idea at the moment so I’m not going to prod him about how different parts of the game would work, but at least as far as I know it’s original. Our industry could always use more of that.

On the topic of names I rather liked the title too and it immediately made me think about some of the stories I wrote back in high school and how the titles changed to reflect the narrative changes they went through. In my mind a good title looks nice on paper, is catchy and memorable to say out loud, and is (arguably most importantly) related to your concept. To that end it seems fine.

And as for the copyright thing I kept thinking about how long ago on the Bombcast Jeff Gerstmann said that companies actually won’t let you pitch an idea to them unless you’re working for them because apparently if they use that idea, even by total accident, you can sue them. It’s weird.

I’ve never played Final Fantasy 6 so I honestly can’t say much on it beyond the fact that I really want to play it some day. Being an RPG it would’ve been great to experience that when I was younger and had much more free time but back then I wasn’t really into RPGs of any sort. I’ll find the time eventually and maybe it’ll be the first Final Fantasy I actually finish.

I lost most of my interest in Borderlands about when the sequel came out so I’ve got nothing on this.

I’ve messed around the Majora’s Mask DLC a little bit but not quite enough to make any substantial thoughts on it. This is mostly because I’m still working on leveling up the characters from the prior DLCs and I’m still on the first adventure map. Before I even get to the new Termina map I’ve still got to get through the Master Quest map and the Twilight map. One thing I can say this early is for whatever misgivings I may have about Nintendo’s online services and shops, YouTube related stuff, and whatever else, they know how to throw together a season pass. In a world where Call of Duty charges $50 for a bunch of maps and few weapons I think this might be the best season pass I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing and playing. Not because Hyrule Warriors is my favorite game ever with one, but because all the DLCs come with loads of new content that’s fun. New characters, maps, weapons, costumes, and other such goodies. Even without that though there’s still new patches every few weeks that raise the level cap and add some new gear and tools as well. If you own and enjoy Hyrule Warriors I’d highly suggest the pass just for the characters and maps alone. They’re awesome.

I knew Yaiba was a bad game, and I kind of knew about the blatant misogyny in it, but hearing Chris talk about it made me realize that it’s much worse than I thought. Like a lot of people I cannot stand sexist remarks for the sake a of joke, and unfortunately like a lot of people I have a certain tolerance for it because so many games and movies have said jokes. That being said I’d still like to add Yaiba to my bad games collection for some kind of future critical analysis, but I don’t think I’ll be playing it any time soon.

As for what I played? I dabbled in a lot of stuff but since I’m really bearing down on my editing and writing I didn’t get too deep into anything I hadn’t already been playing for a while. Some things I played a bit but not enough to say much about are:

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 on PC.

It sure is a game… I think? If anything the English voice acting is hilariously bad. I actually laughed out loud at some of the lines.

Grim Fandango Remastered

I love the setting and humor of this game but there’s no way in hell I’d play it without a walkthrough. It’s very much an old adventure game that gives you no hints on how to progress and I quit (for the time being) the moment I had multiple areas to go to at once. I’ll get back to it eventually.

Grow Home

Super neat small game from Ubisoft. Once someone pointed out how oddly sexual everything seemed throughout the game I couldn’t stop noticing it, but it doesn’t seem intentional. I like the climbing system and atmosphere, but I feel the music is a little too ambient and game makes the game feel kind of boring after an hour or so of playing in one session.

As for everything else I got all the collectibles in Far Cry 4 because I want to 100% the game so I can write about the experience, and I got all the songs in Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd because I really like that game. It also gave me some talking points about rhythm games but I’m not gonna promise too much since I’m still catching up on old articles and videos as it is.

Speaking of which the Saya No Uta article first draft is done and will be up within a few days, then The Walking Dead Season 2, and so on. Also a Dying Light Hyper Play and more Interactive Friction are coming soon so look forward to all that.

Until next time everyone I’ll see ya later.

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