I’ll Never Forget You, Saya

Rarely do games leave such an impact on us that we remember much of it weeks after playing to its conclusion. Even less often do they make us wonder about how fragile our mental state really is .

“Saya No Uta”, from the minds of developer Nitroplus and writer Gen Urobuchi, literally gave me nightmares after almost every session. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the game hated me for playing it, as if Fuminori and his friends would still be alive if not for my ceaseless curiosity. Despite that lingering thought I marched through the vicious narrative night after night and arrived at the only three possible narrative endings. None of them made me feel any better.

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Let’s Play Dying Light: Locked Doors And Video Stores

I’ve probably put roughly 15 hours into this video all told. That may seem impossible for just an edited video with few overlays or cutaway gags but it’s mostly in taking the hour and a half or so of footage and paring it down to the video you see here. There’s a constant rhythm of watching a scene, making a cut, re-watching the scene with the cut, and then keeping it, changing where it cuts, or reverting back.

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy making this video; quite the contrary. Even now I’ll continue to keep making this videos a lot tighter with better production work (and much better audio), but this was the one that hit my current limit. Between my day job, the blog, the podcast, and other work something is going to have to give for these to get exponentially better without taking months to do.

On Fifty Shades Of Grey

I don’t think I’m going to blow anyone’s mind when I say I think the 50 Shades Of Grey film was pretty awful. I saw it so I could figure out what all the interest was about and since I had virtually no expectations for the movie itself I didn’t come away disappointed. That being said I did find some aspects of it rather interesting.

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A Week Away From Twitter

Twitter has been a part of my life since I started my second semester of college back in the beginning of 2013. Since then it’s only become a more dominant piece of my daily routine. I would wake up and check my feed, check it after showering, any time I got a break in work, whenever a load screen came up, or just whenever there was a single dull moment in any part of my day. Then this past Saturday I had one of my busiest days ever and I decided when I woke up Sunday I didn’t want to deal with anyone. I deleted the apps off my phone and kept Skype closed so I could just enjoy myself for a bit. It was really nice to be honest. When Monday came around though I thought what it might be like to stave off Twitter for a whole week, and so I did.

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Hyper Play: Spintires [Part 1]

Forgot to post this one back when it first came out, so here it is now.

Like with my articles I try to put just a little bit more effort into each new video I edit and this one is probably a new milestone. Originally this was about a hour’s worth of footage and over a few days I managed to condense it down to roughly 12 minutes. The title card near the beginning was also the first time I tried to mess with layers to make the text blend in with the background and it’s the first time I grabbed a scene from a different part of the game to try to create a flow to the humor. Set up the first 30 seconds with a fast joke, drop the title, and get back into it.

I think this video was also the first time I discovered that I really like video editing and I hope to do a lot more in the future.

The Texture Pop Episode 27: My F***ing Panty Party [Annotations]

I’m writing this to give some thoughts on a few things the guys brought up during the latest podcast because I wasn’t able to make it myself. Long story short I worked two shifts on little sleep and drove to Atlanta and back all in the same day; I wouldn’t recommend it. Anyway I’ll be back next week but for now enjoy this little written companion to the cast itself.

And thanks so much to Brandon and Garrett for being present as always and special thanks for Chris for hosting, editing, and uploading it this time.


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Going Back To Madness (The Animation)

The first time I watched the “Madness” animation series was back in middle school and back then there were only four episodes. The first was just a short animation of a guy dancing to a cheery internet song and killing anyone who go in his way of doing so, including Jesus? It was weird. Actually it’s still weird today, though not for the same reasons. Back then I thought it was strange because I wondered why all these people wanted to stop this guy from dancing. Now it’s because all I can notice is just how old this animation is. Being pretty close to the dawn of Newgrounds flash animation it’s pretty noticeable just how frame-y it is. The background doesn’t move, the only sounds are the one music track and some stock punching and grunting effects. No one has faces and Jesus is the only one with any distinguishing features whatsoever. It’s very much a remnant of its time.

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